The First Ergonomic Kayak Paddle
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Why dig when
you can glide?

Gullwing Kayak Paddle

That’s the question more and more kayak paddles enthusiasts are asking. And by way of answer, they’re grabbing their Gullwing Ergonomic Kayak Paddles and hitting the water to fish, to paddle for distance or just to dabble away the day on a family outing. And they can be used with canoes also.


Our NEW Hand Grip Conversion Kit.

• Transform your Gullwing paddle blades into powerful hand paddles by simply removing the blades from the aluminum shaft and snapping on the PVC grips.
• Navigate overhanging tree branches, rocky shores and narrow waterways quickly and conveniently.
• Hand paddles cut through the water easily, offering substantial power surge for easy maneuvering while fishing.
• Purchase a set of Grips today today right here.

Soft. Plush. Comfortable
Size: 1-3/8 x 4-1/2 inches


Ergonomic Kayak Paddles from Gullwing Paddles


* 2010, Kayak Angler Magazine, Fall Edition. Named " one of the best fishing products"

* 2012, Paddling Buyers Guide, Annual Edition. Named "one of the best recreational kayak paddles"

* 2013. California Sportsman Magazine, April Edition, Named "the most ergonomic, efficient kayak paddle design on the market"


One of the Best Fishing Gear Products of 2010 - Gullwing Kayak Paddle

The Gullwing 230 Kayak Paddles
were named "One of the best fishing gear
products of 2010."

Why Dig When You Can Glide? - Kayak Paddles?


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